How to implement pim


Mobile online purchasing keeps growing and customer expectations keep rising, challenging B2B and B2C companies in all industries. They need to optimize their customer experience across every channel, and there's no time to los. By 2020, customer experience will be the leading brand differentiatior. When it comes down to a buying decision, that will be more important than product and price. Today, quality product information is crucial in creating online success. It's the vision of going omnichannel and offering rich digital and offline experiences that starts most companies to look at their product data first. However, a PIM implementation is experienced differently by employees and managers than let's say the implementation of PLM or ERP. PIM has serious impact on your organization.

The choice for PIM (Product Information Management) is a logical one for companies which offer a multitude of product categories and rich product details. With almost each and every business going online, quality product information is crucial in creating online success. The role of PIM is directly visible in increased revenue, shorter times to market, decreased costs and improved product data quality that results in better informed customers. PIM also allows for a long-tail strategy that yields higher margins. Problems resulting from poor data quality, such as incomplete product descriptions or lack of filter options, are solved with PIM.

We see many companies struggling to implement PIM successfully. Therefore, we produced How to implement PIM to help you move forward.

  • 9 Key Success factors for your PIM implementation
  • Checklist to start implementing PIM
  • 3 Tips to organize your teams for success

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